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July 18th, 2017:
Of course they say the dash and body cameras were off.
Guess they could not edit out what they don't want you to see, so just like cops, they lie.
       The Australian Justine Damond , in Minneapolis, MN ended up dead because the Officer Mohamed Noor has shit for brains. And I should mention that within Noor's first two years on the police force, Noor has already three complaints filed because of his misconduct. Just goes to say that they will hire just about anyone to be a cop and I think it is silly that it only takes 9 months worth of training to be a cop. I think they should rethink that since we are breeding stupid people.
       And they try to tell us that we have cops to keep us safe, but as I've said before, the cops are the ones you need to be afraid of and protected from.
       Around here, they are putting cameras on Sheriff deputies, however I should add, that you can bet they will also receive the software to edit the videos as they please. (I bet those people who work at they're cloud storage facility will be collecting even more pocket filler.)

Cops can make up there own laws
Illegal use of horn
July 1st, 2014:

It appears that a trucker didn't like to see a cop was getting away with driving habits that the rest of us would get a ticket for, let alone drive dangerously. Luckily he had a camera recording, otherwise you could bet he would have been penalized by the cop for bringing the cops dangerous actions to his own attention.
      I myself think the Cop should have come right out apologized for the harassment he received in return.
      Never the less, I'm not one myself totally convinces this incident is actually real. The question I have his how in the world is a truck driver in a big rig, even catch up to a cop who was diving over 70 mph? Did the truck driver run into to him at a later time, after the cop had reached his destination? Other wise, I wouldn't doubt most cops would write up the truck driver for speeding if the speed limit there was for trucks was less than 70. Cops have always been able to speed when ever they wanted to. I sure as hell would try to do what this truck diver did, I'd be afraid of getting my self shot, or more trouble all together. What? The stupid camera is going to protect you from that? Hell any cop could reach out and grab the camera hand delete the recording himself and there wouldn't be anything the trucker could do about it.
     Had it done right at my own home one time. A guy brought his drum set over to my house for a party/jam session and before the guy was even able to get to play much, in front of his wife and kids, he spend the next hour sitting in the back of a squad car while the cop took possession and watched it entirely and then the bully deleted it. His wife and kids were terrified that he was going to end up in jail because of the jerk.
      I'm betting that this recording was fake all together. Wondering if any thing else about it will even make the news again. I think this one fooled the media. Lies His Ass Off

"If all printers were determined not to print anything
till they were sure it would offend nobody,
there would be very little printed."
                -- Benjamin Franklin,  1730



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Steven Spielberg in jail

Another Sicko
Steven Spielberg in jail

He thought he would be able to make the ultimate movie and it didn't matter to him if the conspiracy was not only wrong, but illegal as well.
     Spielberg not only cloned inventor Dennis Sattler's eight times, he also brain washed Sattlers family.

And the Award shows: they are protecting his image with the use of the green screen tricks
     Now they are trying to tell people that he is away on a sailing trip around the world. Yeah right; from what I read, Spielberg gets sea sick. I doubt if he's ever been out to sea in the thing.
      I'm left wondering if he was involved in the criminal activity I received from the officials in San Diego County. I'm sure he was adding problems to my life anyway he could.
      For more information about Speilberg check out Spielberg's Lousy Page.

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